The cost of a skipped frame

Yet another talk on animation.

 Hardware marked is developing so rapidly that some new phones are more powerful than an average 4-year old laptop. But despite all the computational power, many animations in the web are still janky and stuttering.

What makes the browser skip frames? The concepts of GPU rendering, compositing layers, transform/opacity animation are well-known by now. In this talk we will dig a little deeper into them, take a look at what happens when frames get skipped, learn some techniques to achieve smooth and performant animations and review development tools useful for their creating and debugging.

Talk language: RU

Video presentation.

Dmitry Shuranov

Dmitry Shuranov

Frontend developer at Have been in the industry for about five years, the last 3 of them has been mostly doing client-side JavaScript development. Likes JS community for its constant vigorous evolution.