«Strict» JavaScript: typings vs reality

Putting types everywhere. Does it help? Are benefits worth an effort? What to choose — Flow or TypeScript?

Primary idea of talk is to share experience of personal war vs typed Javascript and what caveats are on the way, how much it will cost to you and what benefits and profits (both from dev and business point of view) it provides

We will speak just a bit about TypeScript (why we rejected it) and then examine the existing FlowType ecosystem. Come to this talk to understand that FlowType is not «yet another TypeScript», what are the main challenges of typings and why could someone commit into that.

Talk language: RU
Illya Klymov

Illya Klymov

12 years of JS everywhere: from microcontrollers to rendering video in the cloud. More than 5 years of educational experience (at two universities and Ilya's own courses), Ph.D. in Computer Science (field of interest: System Analysis and Theory of optimal decisions). Coach at Kottans.Org project. Owns and runs small outsourcing company WookieeLabs, specializing in JS-only solutions.