Migrating your existing web app into virtual reality

Virtual Reality is a big trend now which is not that close to the commonplace front-end development. However it might be beneficial to move existing Web application to Virtual Reality world in order to provide new experience to users and fun for web devs.

Should we use CSS3d or WebGL to drop web app into 3D scene? What solutions are available and what common pitfalls should be avoided while migrating your app to VR? Why HTML is as good for VR UIs as it good for flat web UIs? How web developer can be a part of VR movement?

Talk language: RU

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Denis Radin

Denis Radin

Front-end engineer working on «embedded JavaScript» in Liberty Global (Ziggo, UPC). Passionate about UI quality and performance optimization. AmsterdamJS and React Amsterdam organizer. Blogging at PixelsCommander.com.