From frameworks to overframeworks

The usage cost of any good practice depends on application size and quality level of programming language and development tools: syntactic sugar, typings, code assembly process, the ide support, etc..

This talk will tell you about high-coupling application code with frontend frameworks. How popular libraries are force us to write non-reused code, unnecessary refactoring and copy-paste. Not exactly chosen strategy at the beginning of the path, affects the future of the front-end development.

It will also tell you about trying to solve these problems in reactive-di, which is based on dependencty injection and reactive programming ideas. This is a something like a docker for code, having control over the state of the application, which combines the ideas of mobx, mol, cellx, angular2 di.

Talk language: RU

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Sergey Yuferev

Sergey Yuferev

Was a PHP developer since 2005 to 2012. Seen the evolution of PHP frameworks from singletone-based (code igniter, kohana, symfony1, zf1, yii) to SOLID and dependency injection-based (Symfony2, zf2, yii2, laravel). Then switched to JavaScript frontend applications and noticed that a lot of things was missing. Considers SOLID and DI in the frontend and reactivity to be unsolved problems. For roughly two years develops the ideas of IoC and DI with respect to reactive programming, most of them are realized in his library reactive-di.