CSS in JS. Why and how?

Let's examine CSS in JS from all the sides:

  • Why do we need CSS in JS?
  • How CSS in JS works.
  • Dynamic CSS
  • Existing Solutions and differents between them.
  • What approach we use and why.
  • Experiments with CSS in JS - Browser extension and Service Worker to cache generated CSS.
  • Examples, lots of examples.
Talk language: RU

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Valerii Sorokobatko

Valerii Sorokobatko

Almost always worked at gamedev on internal applications designed for marketing and game analysis. Always uses cutting edge technologies and approaches. Researcher, developer, public speaker, constant learner. Loves open source and tech process automatisation. Create-react-appp contributor. Author of storybook readme addon, rockey and awesome-create-react-app. Ready to talk for hours about app architecture and UX.