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The March of Progress is not a stable thing. It moves in fits, and frequently changes direction. N steps forward. M steps back. Can we get there from here? Are we there yet? JavaScript has become incredibly popular, and yet is little loved and much hated. And it is trying to change while petrified by its own popularity. We'll look at the history of some current controversies in language design, starting with Dijkstra's letter to the editor. A go to technology is sometimes useful and so must be eliminated.

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Douglas Crockford

Douglas Crockford

Douglas Crockford was born in Frostbite Falls, Minnesota, but left when he was only six months old because it was just too damn cold. He turned his back on a promising career in television when he discovered computers. He has worked in learning systems, small business systems, office automation, games, interactive music, multimedia, location-based entertainment, social systems, and programming languages. He is the inventor of Tilton, the ugliest programming language that was not specifically designed to be an ugly programming language. He is best known for having discovered that there are good parts in JavaScript. This was an important and unexpected discovery. He also discovered the JSON, the world’s most loved data format.