8 1/2 things about serverless (with Node.js)

What is serverless? How does it work? Can you explain it with something as simple as Lego bricks?

This talk will answer that and at least six and a half more questions. It’s main goal is to explain serverless architecture, show you why it’s important, and finally, show you why it works great with Node.js and how to use it.

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Slobodan Stojanovic

Slobodan Stojanovic

Slobodan Stojanović is a programmer and entrepreneur from Belgrade, Serbia. For the past five years he worked as a CTO and a partner at Cloud Horizon, small Canadian-Serbian company that builds web apps for startups mostly from North America. He is also an organizer of meetups in JS Belgrade community for two years. He has a lot of experience with JavaScript and loves to play with offline webapps, chatbots, serverless architectures and new things available in both browser and NodeJS. Also loves Open Source.