Migrating Pinterest profiles to React

We all have been in situation when we had to move from one platform to another. While it’s relatively easy to build a new web app in React, migrating a service that’s constantly changing and used by millions of people is a much more complicated challenge. It’s like changing the engines of an airplane while mid-flight. Some of the problems are: rendering JavaScript on the server, measuring the impact, debugging issues, dealing with old resource library and rendering React components inside of the existing JS Framework.

The talk is about techniques we tried and challenges we faced while migrating to React at Pinterest. Also, we’ll share our performance and engagement gains after migrating Pinterest’s profiles to React.

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Imad Elyafi

Imad Elyafi

Imad is an engineer WebCore Experience Team at Pinterest. Currently he's driving React migration in the company. Before that he was an engineer on Newsfeed at Facebook.