JS UX: Writing code for humans

We tend to think of user interfaces and UX as designer concerns that do not apply to us. However, every time we write code to be used by others — or ourselves in the future! — we are creating a UI. A UI whose usability can be vastly improved by many UX principles, some tailored to code, others applying to every UI, ever. In this light-hearted talk you will learn a ton of tips and tricks to improve your API design, distilled from Lea’s experience of creating & managing dozens of successful open source projects with thousands of merged pull requests.

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Lea Verou

Lea Verou

Lea is currently busy doing research in Human-Computer Interaction at MIT CSAIL. She has previously written a bestselling CSS book for O’Reilly (CSS Secrets) and worked as a Developer Advocate at W3C. She has a long-standing passion for open web standards, and is one of the few Invited Experts in the CSS Working Group. Lea has also started several popular open source projects and web applications, such as Prism, Dabblet and -prefix-free and maintains a technical blog at lea.verou.me. Despite her academic pursuits in Computer Science, Lea is one of the few misfits who love code and design equally.