Forgotten funky functions

In the day and age of frameworks, transpilers and build systems most developers new to JavaScript spend more time understanding these tools than the language itself. The powerful fundamentals of JavaScript — and the even more powerful recent additions — are lost when there's a library for everything. This talk aims to explore some of the useful and sometimes strange sides of the language. We'll talk about higher order functions, the object model and meta programming (traditional as well as modern). We will dive into the language itself and rediscover its forgotten funky functions.

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Jakob Mattson

Jakob Mattson

Jakob is a CTO, founder and consultant but first and foremost a developer at heart. He has worked for a variety of companies including startups, the finance industry and venture capital funds. As a programming language enthusiast he is usually getting his hands dirty with several and has also written a few of his own. His fascination with JavaScript in particular comes from its combination of simplicity and applicability. Being a fan of libraries he has published 65 JavaScript modules to npm and is always thinking about the next one.