Down the Rabbit Hole: JavaScript in Wonderland

What even makes sense in Javascript? For a language originally created in 10 days it surely has a lot of quirks and perks many JS developers are unaware of. Sometimes, it might even seem like we fell down the rabbit hole only to find that NaN is actually a Number, undefined can be defined, +!![] equals 1, Array.sort() may not work as you suspected and so much other nonsense that can trip any JS developer’s mind.

This talk is a collection of Javascript’s oddities and unexpected behaviors that hopefully will prevent some future headaches and help understand the language that we all love in a more deeper and meaningful way.

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Claudia Hernández

Claudia Hernández

Claudia Hernández is a Senior Frontend Engineer at Dailymotion in Paris. She crossed the Atlantic to work on projects for companies such as Air France, EDF, Groupe SEB and Aéroport de Paris. Claudia has a computer science background and loves learning emerging web technologies. When she is not coding, chances are you’ll find her reading a book! Claudia also loves travelling and discovering new cultures.